Party Type Price
Reservations Personal-
Total Party Time Pizzas Drinks
$199/$250 Up to 10 Kids No 1 1/2 Hour 2 Extra Large 1 chilled bottle of water per participant; soda is extra
$260/$330 Up to 30 kids Yes 2 Hours 3 Extra Large 1 chilled bottle of water per participant; soda is extra
$345/$395 Up to 35 Kids Yes 3 Hours 4 Extra Large 1 chilled bottle of water per participant; soda is extra
$445/$495 Up to 40 Kids Yes 4 Hours 5 Extra Large 1 chilled bottle of water per participant; soda is extra


Item Price
Jump-N-Gift Bags $3.00 each
Jump-N-T-Shirts $11.0 each
Jump-N-Party Time $30.00 per 1/2 hour
Outside Food Fee $40.00

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Prices vary according to day preferences: weekdays ( Monday thru Thursday) or weekends ( Friday,Sat & Sunday ) and holiday availability. Please Contact Us for a price quote according to the specifications of your party.

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Party Type
NEW! Extended Time -- enjoy your party the way you want and have full access to your room for the entire duration of your package.

We STRONGLY recommend that when you complete your time in the Jump Area, then eat your food and cake. We have found that it is much easier to have the children leave from the Party Room rather than the Jump Area. In addition, some children have upset stomachs after eating cake and jumping may not be a good idea :)

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When reserving your party, remember our calendar normally runs about 45 days in advance and is always first come first serve. We would like you to come in or call us, pay $100.00 as a deposit, and give us the party details, such as what date, time, type of food and cake you want. You will also receive a receipt, confirmation page and FAQ's.

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Jump Time
When you and your guests arrive, Jumpers must take off their shoes and place them on one of the shoe cubbies before entering the Jump Area. Gifts may be placed in your room or pre-selected area. The Jump Area includes at least four inflated bouncy houses, access to Monterey's largest indoor jungle maze structure and arcade games including air hockey, pin ball machines, driving games and more. During Open Jump Hours (Mon-Fri 12-5pm) there may be open jumpers in the Jump Area.

Click here to read our Jump-N-Rules for the Jump Area.

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Party Room Time
Your room will be set up for you with paper linens for the tables, paper plates, cups,napkins and plastic forks; If you choose, you may bring in your own decorations or table covers ( please let us know) Guests often bring in themes such a Frozen , Princesses, Jungle themes, etc. If you bring in decorations, Jump-N-Around Staff at YOUR request will help you set them up while you are in the Jump Area.

Important notice about additional room time.

You always have 5 min. grace period to clear the room at the end of your event. As a courtesy we will never rush you out of your room, however, please understand that there might be a party scheduled immediately after yours. We highly recommend talking to you party coordinator at least 30 minutes prior to the end of your party, if you feel you might need to stay longer than your scheduled time, so we can determine if the extension is available and in what area.

For Mini and Standard Parties: Your party will have 30 minutes in the Party Room. This is usually enough time to eat and have cake. However, if you feel that it is not enough time, you can request to go into the Party Room early as we usually allow guests 45 minutes anyway. 30 minutes, however, is NOT enough time to eat and open presents. If you plan to open presents, please request extra time.

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Additional pizzas are available for $16.00 each for either cheese or pepperoni. You may bring in a cake and ice cream, juice or water, and a salad or fruit/vegetable tray. Any additional food you bring in may result in an Outside Food charge of $40.00. All parties include plates, napkins and cups.

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