Party Type Price
Reservations Personal-
Jump Time Party Room Time Pizzas Sodas
$199/$250 Up to 10 Kids No 1 Hour 1/2 Hour 2 Extra Large 2-Two Liter Bottles
$260/$330 Up to 35 kids Yes 1 1/2 Hours 1/2 Hour 4 Extra Large 4 - Two Liter Bottles
$345/$395 Up to 40 Kids Yes 2 Hours 1 Hour 6 Extra Large 6 - Two Liter Bottles
$445/$495 Up to 40 Kids Yes 4 Hours
4 Hours
6 Extra Large 6 - Two Liter Bottles


Item Price
Jump-N-Gift Bags $3.00 each
Jump-N-T-Shirts $7.50 each
Jump-N-Party Time $30.00 per 1/2 hour

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Prices vary according to time preferences and weekend and holiday availability. Please Contact Us for a price quote according to the specifications of your party.

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Party Type
Our Mini, Standard and Mega parties all begin in the Jump Area, where the inflated structures and arcade are located, then move to and finish in the Party Room, where the food is served. For the Mini, Standard and Mega parties, there is no returning to the Jump Area once your group is in the Party Room.

The Ultimate Party is the only party where you can access both the Jump Area and the Party Room at the same time. The total time span of the Ultimate Party is 4 hours. With the Ultimate Party, you can decide when you want to have the pizza served. We recommend the jumpers jump for at least the first 2 hours. You may have a buffet style and have your guests go between the Jump Area and the Party Room. However, we STRONGLY recommend you complete your time in the Jump Area and then eat the cake. We have found that it is much easier to have the children leave from the Party Room rather than the Jump Area. In addition, some children have upset stomachs after eating cake and jumping may not be a good idea.

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When reserving your party, you may hold one date and time for three days without making a deposit. During the three day period, we would like you to come in, pay $100.00 as a deposit, pick up your invitations, and give us the party details, such as what type of pizzas and sodas you want. You will also receive a receipt and confirmation page.

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Jump Time
When you and your guests arrive, your party begins in the Jump Area, where you will remain for the time duration included in your party package. Jumpers must take off their shoes and place them on the cart before entering the Jump Area. Gifts may also be placed on the top of the cart. The Jump Area includes at least five inflated structures and arcade games including air hockey, pin ball machines, driving games and more. During Open Jump Hours (Mon-Fri 12-5pm) there may be open jumpers in the Jump Area.

Click here to read our Jump-N-Rules for the Jump Area.

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Party Room Time
Once your time in the Jump Area is complete, your party will put on their shoes and move into the Party Room where they will find the room already decorated with pizza and drinks on the tables. If you choose, you may bring in your own decorations. Guests often bring in themes such a Bob The Builder, Princesses, Jungle themes, etc. If you bring in decorations, Jump-N-Around Staff will set them up while you are in the Jump Area.

For Mini and Standard Parties: Your party will have 30 minutes in the Party Room. This is usually enough time to eat and have cake, though if you feel that it is not, your party can request to go into the Party Room early as we usually allow guests 45 minutes anyway. 30 minutes, however, is NOT enough time to eat and open presents. If you plan to open presents, please request extra time.

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Additional one or two topping pizzas are available for $16.00 each. Custom pizzas such a Combinations, Garlic Chicken, Vegetarians may be purchased for $20.00 each. You may bring in a cake and ice cream, juice or water, and a salad or fruit/vegetable tray. Any additional food you bring in may result in an Outside Food charge of $30.00. All parties include plates, napkins and cups.

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